Opening Principles For Chess

1. Open with a center pawn:
*to control the center
*to open lines for our Bishops
2. Develop pieces quickly:
*to clear the way for castling
*to prepare for the middle game
3. Castle early:
*to safeguard our King
*to bring a Rook into play

Opening Mistakes

Mistake Explanation Solution
1. Attacking too soon. A premature attack, with too few pieces, will usually fail. Develop ALL your army before you attack !
2. Moving the same piece over and over. This wastes TIME , which could be used for development. Make sure each move is by a different piece !!
3. Making too many pawn moves. Neglects development and creates weaknesses (“holes”). Only move the pawns that let the other pieces out !!!
4. Not castling. This is risky because your KING can be attacked more easily. Don’t delay castling for too long!!!!
5.Exposing pieces to attack, especially the Queen. Valuable pieces usually must retreat when attacked or risk being trapped behind enemy lines. Don’t move your Queen into enemy territory early in the opening !!!!!

Please note that the follow list of books are not in any particular
order. Three of these texts are not purely puzzle books ;rather,
they are more didactic. My suggestion would be to tackle Bobby
Fischer Teaches Chess first, followed by a couple of the puzzle
books; secondly,Master Checkmate Strategy followed by a few
more quiz books, and finally,The Art of the Checkmate, and then
the remaining books on the list.

Title Author ISBN Publisher
Bobby Fischer
Teaches Chess
Bobby Fischer
Stuart Margulies
Donn Mosenfelder
0-553-10752-6 Bantam Books
Simple Checkmates A. J. Gillam 0-345-40377-x Ballantine Publishing Group
1001 Brilliant Ways
to checkmate
Fred Reinfeld 0-879-80110-7 Wilshire Book Company
The Art of Checkmate Georges Renaud
& Victor Kahn
0-486-20106-6 Dover Publications
How to Force Checkmate Fred Reinfeld 0-486-20439-1 Dover Publications
More Chessercises
Bruce Pandolfini 0-671-70185-1 A Fireside Book
One Move Chess by the Champions Bruce Pandolfini 0-671-60608-5 A Fireside Book
202 Surprising
Fred Wilson &
Bruce Albertson
0-486-40167-7 Dover Publications
Power Mates: Essential
Checkmating Stratagies
and Techniques
Bruce Pandolfini 0-684-80120-5 A Fireside Book
Chess: 5334 Problems,
Laszlo Polgar
Bruce Pandolfini
0-884-82231-2 Tess Press
Master Checkmate
Bill Robertie 0-940-68566-3 Cardoza Publishing

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