Newsletter October 2002 – JAX Chess News

Newsletter October 2002 – JAX Chess News

G-d Bless America

 The editor Bradley Zang would like you to know that some of these stories are so unbelievable he doesn’t even believe them.

Can you beat the Jacksonville City Team?  {This is our second season}
The internet now provides for teams to compete anywhere in the globe. If you want to take on the General Jackson Brigade please contact (
 Sat, November 16 the Jacksonville Chess Club  the Ed Butler Memorial Tournament 
Location: Atlanta Bread Company at 5613-1 San Jose Boulevard Jacksonville Florida 32207 phone # is 904-448-0808 4rd Swiss, Game in 30 min. There is no time delay feature in this event. Cost $20 regular $13 members and FCCJ student Adult section USCF membership is required.  Prizes: 1st place $100, 2nd place $50, under 1600 $50 Reg 1 to 2:00 P.M.  Rd. 2:15, 3:30, 4:45 and  6:00P.M..

 The Scholastic section

for the above event is not rated cost $5 registration 3 rd. Swiss K-5 and 5-12 reg. 1 to 2:00 P.M. Rd. 2:15 3:30 5:00 P.M..  Prizes Chess sets, Chess books, Medallions and gifts Information  (
Sat, November 2 University of North Florida Chess Club El Torneo (See scholastic section below)

Strange News by Elliote Wisanski 

Ever since  Bobby Fischer defeated Borris Spassky to win the world chess title in 1972, some have alleged that a Yugoslavian chess player and inventor Nikola Telsa’s idea of creating an energy beam weapon came to fruition. Even Spassky is rumored to have claimed he was being subjected to a Confusion Ray. Clearly since the FBI seized Tesla’s papers after his death in 41 and has not released their content it raises suspicion. It sounds far fetched but respected scientists like Dr. Ross Adey, formerly of the Brain Research Center at University of Southern California has theorized one can induce behavioral changes if one imposes environmental fields that look like an electroencephalogram.
A recent Study by the University of Zurich has shown Electro Magnetic Fields from cell phones can enhance the intensity of the brain’s electrical signals. One more thing;  rumors about a school of chess devoted to the use of astrology and dating back to the time of Alexander the great, in what was Yugoslavia, have abounded, since the 1952 discovery of the mysterious Sarajevo Manuscript in a Moslem household in that city. The manuscript is believed to be a copy of a document dating to 897.  With this background, let Ismael Musemic of Bosnia tell his story.
“First let me thank you for hearing my story.  No other Chess News Letter  would. What most people don’t realize is the Sarajevo Manuscript is one of many holy epistles to our group. We call ourselves Saher Al Shatrang (We could not find a translation). I know you Americans laugh when I suggest the light of a full moon affects the way you think but many here do believe it. Why can’t you accept that Electromagnetic field coming from the planets and stars can affect different portions of the brain? When Mercury starts its retrograde linear thinking weapons like piling pin after pin in a chess game are best.
We can use the pin motif during a game at that time as our most thematic weapon and win more often. On a winter Balsamic moon’s night (No moon) a chess technique called Domination is best. It perhaps requiring the most ubiquitous brain activity. You may laugh but studies show Grand Master use different parts of their brains then other players. Members of our group have included Nikola Tesla as well as many inventors. There was a small cadre within the Saher Al Shatrang called the Tesla Council . As leader of the Al-Biruni Council a majority school of thought within Saher Al Shatrang I decreed,  “But I say to you, the Tesla Council is wrong.” That same year 1994 I began my campaign against the users of the Confusion Ray device.  I said to use astronomy is one thing but to secretly expose your opponent to artificially produced electromagnetic rays to keep certain parts of his brain from figuring out positions. That’s almost cheating. You know what they did? They threw me out of the group.
I am now excommunicated. I still play chess here but for some reason I seem to lose all of my games. I cannot prove and teach the truths of our philosophies to people because I always lose. One day last month during a game I had to run to the bathroom. In the bathroom was one of the members of my old group dressed in black. He had what looked like a miniature of a radar device that they use at the airport. I asked him what it was. He said he was taking it home to use as an antenna for his T.V. I then remembered where I saw him last. It was at a Category 19 tournament in Sarajevo in May of 1999. Apparently he was taking home a new antenna back then too and just happened take it out of its packaging in the bathroom. I realized at that moment the Tesla Council had a vendetta against me and were trying to get me to give up my first love chess.
Then when I heard, Vladimir Kramnik was able to draw Deep Fritz in a tournament. I realized how powerful the Tesla heretics had become. They must have used the device on Garry Kasparov five years ago when he lost his a match to IBM’s Deep Blue computer. No wonder he looked at his game afterward and said he was “ashamed” of the way he played, having made obvious blunders. He claimed he could easily beat the computer. I think there were  many technicians wandering around at the time of his game. Supposedly tinkering with the program?  They weren’t all tinkering with the program. Some were tinkering with Kasporovs mind. Probably from the bath room like they have been doing with me all these years. Think of how much the CPU  has improved after all these years. I feel the reason Kramnik drew against Deep Fritz was they didn’t let the tinkerers in this time.  Please investigate.”
 Our Editor Brad Zang refused to form the investigation committee. He said, “I don’t want to sound condescending but Deep Blue analyzed, 40 times the number of positions a second, that Deep Fritz did.  I would also like to remind you all, while we welcome your contributions, it is our policy not to investigate Men in Black, because, it is ridiculous idea based on a movie.”

Elsewhere in Chess News:

We are willing to take risk of angering all the self-aware computers monitoring the Internet by saying the JCN hoped for a humanity victory over machine. Vladimir Kramnik drew Deep Fritz 4 to 4 in a tournament ending Oct. 19 in Bahrain. It was pleasure to listen to the IM blow by blow commentary at Chess Internet Radio. The site also has the games in PGN format.
A September 28-29 match between Reigning US Champion Larry Christiansen and Chessmaster 9000 was a victory for machine. Chessmaster 9000 Defeated Larry 2.5 to 1.5.

Play Xiangqi or Chinese Chess here!

Openings:by Bradley Zang

A major tactical device used by White in this game has been dubbed by professional chess players as the Albuquerque Peacemaker Strategy or APS. On May 22 1957 a Peacemaker military bomber flying over Albuquerque New Mexico encountered turbulence. In order to avoid falling and bruising his behind, the navigator, grabbed a lever that released a 10 megaton H Bomb. Fortunately only the conventional portion of the bomb went off killing a cow. But the navigator did avoid bruising his behind making his action a successful strategy. Five years later Bobby Fischer tried this type of strategy against the French defense.

May  1962  Robert Fischer vs Paul Benko
1. e4 e6 2. d4(also Qe2)  2… d5  3. Nc3 ( other good ideas exd5, e5, Nd2) 3…. Nf6 (also Bb4 , dxe4 and Nc6) 4. e5 (Steinitz variation! also Bg5 and week Bd3) 4…. Nfd7 (also weak Ne4) 5. f4 (also Nf3 and Nce2?) 5… c5 6. dxc5 (Nf3 book and avoids a lot of problems) 6… Bxc5 7. Qg4 ( Bradford attack ) OO 8. Bd3 f5 9. Qh3 Bxg1 10. Rxg1 Nc5 11. Bd2 Nc6 12. Nb5( a weak fore) 12…. Qb6 13. O-O-O (this is the APS position you save the pawn at g2 a mere bump on the behind for a while and put yourself in a lost position. But you end up winning after all because of shear luck. Kf1 was the right move.) Bd7 14. Nd6 Na4 15. Bb5 Nd4 16. Be3 Ne2+ 17. Bxe2 Qb2+ 18. Kd2 Qb4+ ( Your probably saying, How can Bobby Fischer win this position? He had help. And he claims its obvious from the Russians games that they ar fixed!) 19. Kc1 Nc3 20. Rde1 Nxa2+ 21. Kd1 Nc3+ 22. Kc1 d4 23. Bf2 Rfc8 24. Bde Na2+ 25. Kd1 Nc3+ 26. Kc1 Rc5 27. Qh4 Ra5 (27…  Ba4 in order to remove the defending pawn at f2 wins. It becomes obvious if you always look for pieces not doing anything for resources. ie 28. Qh5 Bxc2 29. Bc4 Rxc4 30. Qf7+ Kh8 31. Kxc2 Nd1+ 32. Nxc4 Qxc4+ 33. Kd2 Qc3+ 34. Kxd1 Qd3+ 35. Kc1 Rc8+ 36. Qc7 Rxc7+ 37. Kb2 Rc2+ 38. Ka1 Qa6+ 39. Kb1 Qa2# 0-1 wins) 28. Kd2 h6 ( R to a2 is better) 29. g4 fxg4 ( Nd5 is better. Why open the lines for the bishop and rook) 30. Rxg4 Kh8 (I guess Paul Benko felt Bobby Fischer so underplayed him he was obliged to step into a forced mate. Ne4+ could save the game) 31 Qxh3+ Black resigns.


Featured Game 

This Article was Donated by Pasquale Francia ( President of the NFCC /Nimzo Friends Chess Club -Agropoli (SA) South of Italy.)  The Evans Gambit in the Italian Game is a very attractive way to play chess. Here is a crazy game to think about…  Francia, Pasquale vs Grant, Hector WCN 2001 G5: Evans Gambit: 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Bc5 4. b4 Bxb4 5. c3 Ba5  ( a common method ) 6. d4 exd4 7. Qb3 (or 7.0-0 is also good, with Black that can take a dangerous way for 7…dxc3 8.Qb3 Qe7 9.Nxc3 and White has massive lead in development ) Qe7 8.O-O dxc3 9. Nxc3 Bxc3 (an example of bad trade of the Bishop)  10. Qxc3 Nf6 11.e5 (this is the common “central pawn roller” of the Evans Gambit, now a defensive piece must keep another way…) Ng4  12.Ba3 (another classic position for White bishop in this variant) d6 13. exd6 cxd6 14.Rfe1 Be6 15. Qxg7 O-O-O 16. Rad1 (both rook must control the centre…if possible)  Rdg8 17. Qc3 Nf6 18. Bxd6! Qe8 19. Qxf6 Rg6 20. Qc3 Rhg8 (Black is getting squashed…) 21. g3 Ne7 22. Bxe6+ Kd8 23. Qc7# 1-0 Is this a nice way to play Italian Game?

Scholastic Corner:

On Sat, November 16 the Jacksonville Chess Club is having its  Ed Butler Memorial Scholastic. This event is not rated. Cost $5 registration 3 rd swiss K-5 and 5-12 reg 1 to 2 PM  game 30 min per side Rd 2:15 3:30 5:00 PM. Prises Chess sets, Chess books, Medallions and gifts Location: Atlanta Bread Company at 5613-1 San Jose Boulevard Jacksonville Florida 32207  phone # 904-448-0808 Info (

On Sat , November 2  University of North Florida Chess Club   El Torneo
Time control: Game in 1 hour per side.  Swiss pairings. Entry Fee:  $10 for the event. United States Chess Federation (USCF) membership is required (available at the site: $13 per year for under age 15 and Schoolmates, $20 for under age 20 and Chess Life, $25 for UNF college and Chess life, and $40 for over age 20 and Chess Life). Registration: 9:00 am- 9:45 am.Rounds:  10:00 am-12:00 pm; 12:45-2:45 pm; 3:00-5:00 pm.Trophies:  1st;  1st under 1600; 1st under 1400; 1st under 1200.  [We reserve the right to section the event depending on the composition of the field.] Pre-registration is strongly encouraged.  If you do not pre-register, come early and please be patient.  Individuals who require reasonable accommodation to participate, must notify UNF Chess Club Advisor Bruce Fortado at (904) 620-2780 at least five working days prior to the event. LOCATION:  The University of North Florida, 4567 St Johns Bluff Road, S. Robinson Student Life Center, Building 14, Rooms 2707-2709, Jacksonville, FL, 32224.

DIRECTIONS:   The campus can be reached by taking either the St. Johns Bluff or Kernan Road exits from the JT Butler Expressway and going North to the UNF entrance, or taking Beach Blvd., and turning South on either St Johns Bluff or Kernan Road to reach the UNF entrance.  After looking at the campus map, you should head for parking area #9.   For advanced tournament entries, make checks out to Bruce Fortado, 4090 Hodges Blvd., #2811, Jacksonville, FL 32224.  If you have questions, call Bruce at work at 620-2780.


Joselito Asi writes: Hi! Got your message. I’m saddened by the death of GM Eduard Gufeld. He’d been in the Philippines for a while and taught children and adults chess. This is a big loss in chess.
Vic Ouellette writes: I spend the winters in Fort Myers, each year, and have been teaching chess to a group of 4,5 graders (about 40 kids) for the past three years . I would like to know if there are USCF players or FCA members in the area of Fort Myers, that might like to pitch and and help me develop the program.
Bill Waylander writes: About your Strange News Article concerning mind enhancers for chess. Has anyone heard about experiments going on with Captagon?
Taylor Kingston writes: May I ask, what is this you have sent me and why was I chosen? Also, are you aware of its many dubious assertions and grammatical gaffes?
Dave Malley comments: Maybe we can get voyager to self destruct.
C40 writes (We believe C40 is not a person but a gramatic check program  that has its own e mail address.): The newsletter is incredibly wordy.
R.T. writes: I dont neccessarily disagree with Fischer: it sounds to me that he is speakin as he always was: a bit cranky and in the early days he protested the Russians hold on Chess and so on an also bargained for good conditions and money: no he’s (paradoxicaly) an individualist: but the :”finish the US off” is probably code for “I am angry at the hypocrisy of the US given its international record: and for that read eg John Pilger’s various books or Rape of Vietnam by Harold Slingsby ….innumerable books: and some extrapolation and commonsense….

 WEB SITES by Brad Zang

Was World Chess Champion Alexander Alekine a Nazi collaborator in occupied France during World War II? Remember this was a dark time for the jews of Europe. A time when the Nazis belittled Jewish contributions to all fields. Alekine portrayed the Jewish contribution to chess as a blight. Grandmaster Reuben Fine, a psychoanalyst, felt Alekine was a sadist. Was that the reason he joined in? Did Alekine publish that Hans Kmoch’s wife was a jew to point her out to the Gestapo? Did he do it all for the money? Chess Master Sam Sloan tries to present some of the evidence against Alekine on his Website. Our conclusion is that the evidence presented is probably the tip of the iceberg. It seems to me Mr. Sloan has a provocative writing style. For example saying “I think” when he means “it occurred to me, so you should consider a line of thinking before making a decision. “He is so informative he very likely wants the chips to fall where they may. While we often don’t agree with him, he makes fun reading.